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Custom Design

If you find yourself drawn to a certain look but can’t find anything in your price range or you cannot find your right dress off the rack, we can make it for you. At Kara Wedding, our custom wedding dresses give you the option of selecting  silhouette, lace, and fabrics and other details to create your dream dress.

Reasonable Price

Planning a wedding on a budget could make you feel like you need to give up the idea of having your  dream dress, but having  your dream dress custom made may not be as expensive as it sounds at Kara Wedding. Kara Wedding provide you with high quality dresses within a reasonable price range.

Fast Turnaround

In most of traditional wedding boutiques, bridal gowns take 4-6 months to come in and it does not even include the time it takes for alterations. At Kara Wedding, it takes only 2-4 months to have your dream dress custom made which is designed and sized for you. Kara Wedding provide you. 

Designer Quality

You can expect the quality and craftsmanship that you can get from high-end wedding dresses which start from price tags in multiple thousands of dollars. From a simple crepe dress to a couture embroidered wedding dress you might see from couture fashion show, we can create almost all design you want with extreme sophistication and expertise. We dedicate lots of time to help our brides to pick every detail, from basic silhouette and fabrics to lace and beading. What we pay most attention and time to is selecting  lace and embroidery. Since lace and embroidery are the most important part to create the desired look we spend much time finding the lace to create the exact look. 

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